DK2023/ Your Lips, My Lips, Apocalypse


Your Lips, My Lips, Apocalypse

If you are lucky enough, you are bombarded daily by images of the Apocalypse. Or you are, like many around the world, addicted to doomscrolling. Wait… how exactly are you lucky then? Well, it means you are not one of the billions who are already affected by a multiplicity of catastrophes, from the utter climate crisis, neverending war to devastating floods and earthquakes. In the meantime, the "developed" World drives electric cars and eats organic food, while it continues with neverending extraction and expansion. In his DK2023 talk Your Lips, My Lips, Apocalypse Srećko will tackle our contemporary post-apocalyptic Zeitgeist and reality, various reactions to the End (denial, melancholy, depression…) and dive deeper into the concepts of the "supraliminal", "Apocalypse blindness", commodification and fetishism of the Apocalypse.