Poetry from the Future

Poetry from the Future : Why a Global Liberation Movement Is Our Civilisation's Last Chance


'A compelling vision, an urgent necessity, and not beyond reach'
Noam Chomsky
Despite the apocalyptic subtitle, the book is a series of discursive essays in the continental tradition: all ideas, epigrams and lyrical flourishes. Unafraid to mention Mamma Mia! and The X-Files along with erudite references to Walter Benjamin and Michel Foucault, Horvat is the kind of free-ranging thinker who reminds you of Sartre’s observation on Nietzsche: “A poet who had the bad luck to be mistaken for a philosopher.
— Andrew Anthony on Poetry from the Future, The Observer

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The past is forgotten, and the future is without hope. Dystopia has become a reality. This is the new normal in our apocalyptic politics - but if we accept it, our helplessness is guaranteed. To bring about real change, argues activist and political philosopher Srecko Horvat, we must first transform our mindset.

Ranging through time and space, from the partisan liberation movements of Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia to the contemporary culture, refugee camps and political frontlines of 21st century Europe, Horvat shows that the problems we face today are of an unprecedented nature. To solve them, he argues in this passionate call for a new radical internationalism, we must move beyond existing ways of thinking: beyond borders, national identities and the redundant narratives of the past. Only in this way can we create new models for living and, together, shape a more open and optimistic future.